Social Walls For Events – Everything You Should Know About Them!

social wall

At events, it might be a tricky task to engage your audience and encourage your event attendees to post on social media about the event. And if they do, they forget to mention or tag the event that they are enjoying.

Well, to your rejoice, social walls are the answers to all your questions regarding how to boost audience engagement at any event. These are easy investments and a cool tech at display during an event which encourages users to post their event experience online on social media platforms.

Actually, the basic idea behind the whole social media wall is that you display social media content generated by users on the social wall which they find interesting and loves engaging with. As a result, in order to get displayed on the sparkling social wall, they post images, videos, and similar social media posts regarding the event using the event hashtag. The social wall fetches the feeds using the same event hashtags and displays the customized and aggregated social media feeds on the social wall.

So, What Actually Is A Social Wall?

social wall

A social wall is an integrated display system which displays aggregated real-time social media feeds on a digital screen, be it a jumbotron or a TV screen or any other screen type for that matter.  These feeds are integrated from multiple social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so many more.

It is basically the compilation of aggregation and display functionalities together. First, you discover the relevant social media feeds via hashtags, keywords, accounts, and other sources, then you aggregate them together at one platform where they can be customized, curated, and moderated as per your wish.

A Social Wall brings along many amazing features. Major ones among those are the customization features, moderation features, and the analytics feature. Using the customization features, you may decorate your wall and present your feeds in a very presentable, attractive, and engaging manner.

The moderation feature is really powerful which gives you the capability of filtering out the irrelevant content from the social media wall. This helps you to maintain the quality of your content being displayed on the social media wall. Also, the analytics feature lets you track the performance of your social media wall by measuring the engagement level of the audience and the users with your displayed social media feeds and brand hashtags.

It can either be embedded on websites to display social proof to your website visitors or be displayed on a digital screen in any event or as digital signage. It has many other applications like in weddings, convocations, graduation ceremony, seminars, trade shows, conferences, and so many others.

A social wall helps you to display user-generated content that helps you establish social trust among your users, engage more users with your brand hashtag or event hashtag. It tremendously helps in the word of mouth marketing.

Over To You…

So, what are you still waiting for? Use a Social Wall like Taggbox for your next event or embed it on your websites and experience its amazing benefits on your own.

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