Split: Underrated City in Croatia

Split Croatia

Barcelona, Rome, and Paris are some of the cities that almost everyone wants you to visit but there is one just as, and perhaps even more, appealing within the Adriatic country of Croatia. Split is the city in question, a city that doesn’t have the stardom status of the aforementioned but one that is no less deserving. Here’s what makes this city so special and why it is worthy of a seat on the table of the world’s elite.

1) Just as much history as Rome, only more intact

When you ask many people which city has the most historical appeal, seven out of ten times the answer will be Rome or Venice in Italy. While both cities have soaked up the limelight over the years, the town of Split is coming up as a historical destination with even more well-preserved heritage from past- and ironically- Roman empires. However, its potential is starting to shy through in recent times so much so that it has provided the ancient backdrop to famous TV series such as “Game of Thrones”.
The 3rd century Diocletian’s Palace stands as its most prized possession in a city overrun by orange-tiles, whitewashed buildings, ancient medieval fortresses, cathedrals, and churches. In fact, there are too many attractions to sample on foot that you’d need the services of a Split taxi to get to everything in its entirety. Even then, you’d still need a couple of weeks.

2) Sailing waters as good as the Caribbean
Cities in Greece, Italy, and the Caribbean archipelago have ensured Split has languished in the shadows of their reputation for so long. However, with favorable weather that trumps most of its rivals, sailing around Split is quickly coming of age also thanks in no small part to excellent security and pocket-friendly accommodation and living expenses.

Festivities such as “Yacht Week” have diverted some of that attention in the way of this coastal city which is now more than just a stopover for those on their way to pristine islands after experiencing the magnificence of the emperor’s palace.

3) As much coastal appeal as Santorini
Once again, another Greek city has hogged the spotlight in terms of coastal prowess with under-the-radar Split left begging for scraps. Yet it has just as numerous and quality beaches to offer, e.g. Firule, Jezinac, and Bacvice, emphasizing its abundance of endearing sandy shores.

The breathtaking sea promenade is enchantingly beautiful and it’s dotted by seaside restaurants and every modern amenity you can think of including the state-of-the-art ACI Marina which has provided a blueprint for many around the world to follow.

4) Reputable gastronomy that stands up to France
France and Italy, probably due to their size and iconic foods such as bread, pizza, and pasta, may have been the go-to for unparalleled cuisine, but Split and Croatia, in general, is giving the big boys a run for their money.

With wines aged over centuries that puts to shame major producers and exquisite seafood that is regarded as not only one of the continent’s finest but in the world overall, Split certainly means business and won’t settle for playing second fiddle for too long.

This magical city might have been the soft-spoken child in the family but it is now making the right noises across headlines ensuring it’s earning the praise it deserves.
written by: HannahL
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