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Budgeting Tips: How to decorate your Own Bedroom


In any case, the bedroom is always considered to be the last space where people spend time and money when thinking about designing the house. It may be because this is not the first room you see when you enter the house, nor is it a place where friends and family gather for a festive dinner. But when decorating a house, you can start with the bedroom. The reason is this is your most personal space, and also the space where you spend your time.

With that being said, if you are looking for a simple and cheap way to decorate your bedroom, you can do it easily. Here are some attractive and cheap bedroom decoration ideas without going over budget.


Neutral colors for your wall paints

Changing the paint may be an easy choice. If you change it a bit, this is a cheaper idea rather than purchasing brand new decoration to make your bedroom decorative.  A small expense that is definitely worth trying is the white or light yellow paint licked on the wall. Small bedrooms usually lack natural light. Therefore, the ideal situation is to keep the basic light bright and white, and place furniture to create a greater illusion. Using neutral colors for your walls can be a practical choice so that all objects inside your bedroom can complement to the color of your wall.

Consider small decors


The lack of small space in the bedroom does not mean that it lacks personality. Let your personality shine through putting decoration in the bedroom. Whether it’s the artwork behind the bed, wardrobe or chest, or a simple DIY in the headboard, can be a great idea. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to immediately enter a small space with personality and use untapped creativity.


Count your Cushions

In a spacious room, a bed full of pillows can look comfortable. However, this is not applicable to a smaller spaces or if you have limited budget for decorating your bedroom. The effect of a having too much pillows in a smaller single bed room is the same as the effect of placing an army of teddy bears on the bed. In other words, it seems very crowded. Instead, have three to four pillows with different sizes for your bed.

Utilize the wall

The trick is to create all the visual illusions and enhance the small bedroom with wall decorations. Pull your eyes upward to install storage boxes and lights on the wall or ceiling. The floor area of ​​wall-mounted lamps is smaller than that of standing lamps. For space-saving ideas, shelves can usually be nicely leaned against the wall.

Maximize the bedroom space

We usually don’t notice that the bedroom is actually only used for sleep. Therefore, keep your bedroom a comfortable place. If possible, avoid working in the room. However, if you tend to work at a desk, make sure to use only one small bedroom space to store one item at a time. use also storage box or furniture with dual duties to keep your other things.

Create your own mood board here to help you design and style your own bed room.

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