Take Time For Fitness in Your Life

Time For Fitness

Exercise and fitness are very important, you must dedicate enough time daily for this. Often people neglect or give more preference to the work & earning money over fitness, which is quite natural. But, everyone should also consider a healthy life as an important factor as this not only make you fit but also tame you physically & psychologically. Regular exercise not only makes you strong but also rejuvenate your personality, which gives freshness & dedication in life to achieve more & more. The term fitness is not restricted to the exercise but also includes various other factors like diet, lifestyle and many more.

Fitness itself is a quite complex activity that includes various important factors like physical exertion, diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle etc. To achieve fitness, you must be highly dedicated and motivated to achieve long-time goals. It is not about 1 or 2 days of activity, fitness itself is a journey that takes a long process to achieve so you must be dedicated enough for this. So, coming to the popular question of what is required to be fit? and answer for this is just start and enjoy the journey. Yes, initially you will not get the expected results but as time passes it will definitely happen. So, motivation, dedication, consistency and patience are prerequisites for achieving the desired fitness goals.

Knowledge is a key aspect:

You cannot start your fitness journey with some random exercises instead you need to first asses yourself, your goals and should research well & gain enough knowledge about the exercise regime. You can gain knowledge through books, journals, personal trainers or even web surfing & youtube. Not only fitness, when any work in life is done with proper knowledge the success rate naturally becomes high i.e. achieving goals effectively & also efficiently. Another important point you need to understand every minute points about the exercises & dieting as one procedure will not give equal result to everyone. So, exercise and dieting should be suitable for your body type & desired goals and for this proper knowledge and research is very important.

I can not go to the gym, what to do:

A gym is a place where you will get access to the free weights and also well-experienced trainer, which will properly schedule your exercise & diet as per desired goals. But what if you can not go to the gym due to the constraints of money & time. In this case, the best alternative is a home workout or park exercise routines, where you do bodyweight exercises majorly along with some basic free weight exercises. Generally, there is a very big misconception about the home/ park workout regarding its effectiveness and result in comparison to the gym workout. Any workout form is effective if done with dedication, patience and proper knowledge. Every exercise form has its own proper body form and range of motion and when done properly you definitely get the results. Let’s discuss some bodyweight exercise that is highly effective and provide the desired result when done properly.

Pushup: It is the most important and highly preferred bodyweight exercise by athletes globally. This one exercise trains major muscle groups in our body like chest, shoulder, back, core, biceps, triceps etc. While doing this exercise, you should breathe in while lowering down your body and breathe out while raising up.

Othe pushup forms

Narrow grip

Wide grip

Diamond form

Inclined form

Declined form

Clap variant etc.

Note: All these push-up variants should be performed in a proper form for achieving effective results.

Burpee: This bodyweight exercise is a mix up of squat, jump & high raise plank/pushup. Burpee exercise provides both cardio as well as resistance training.

Pull up: As the name suggests, this is a pull form bodyweight exercise in which, the body needs to be pulled against gravity. This exercise form is highly beneficial for the scapula, outer chest, back, triceps etc.

Chin Up: It is another bodyweight pull form exercise like pull up in which, pull up bar is grabbed with the palm facing inward towards you. This exercise effectively trains biceps, scapula and back muscles.

Jumping jack: This exercise provides cardio training and also improves body mobility. As the name suggests this is a physical jumping exercise in which, legs are spread and hands lifted to an overhead position.

Parallel dips: This is a push form bodyweight exercise that trains major muscle groups like shoulder, chest, arms, back and core. This is performed by gripping the parallel bars and lowering down & raising up the body simultaneously. You can perform this exercise at home by installing wall-mounted parallel bars that are available in a sports store or online shopping platforms.

Planks:This bodyweight exercise effectively trains core muscles along with scapula, back, arms etc. In this exercise, the body remains still but in a particular position so that tension is created in core.

Spot Running: If you cannot go to the park or access a cardio machine in the gym, this workout is best for cardio training. Spot running is simple to perform in which, you just need to run or sprint out in the same spot. This will boost up stamina and cardiovascular performance.

Some Important points related to the diet:

  • Always have 4 to 5 healthy small meals daily that include the proper amount of macros i.e. carbohydrate, protein & fat along with micronutrients
  • You should consume a high protein diet, which is essential for fat loss & muscle gain
  • High protein diet does not mean that you should neglect other macros instead it should also have a proper amount of carbohydrate & fats
  • You should consume Good & healthy carbohydrate & fats
  • Always drink enough water to hydrate yourself. A normal person should consume at least 2 to 2.5 liters or 8 glasses of water daily
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