Things everybody should know before visiting the USA

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The United States is the official United States of America, abbreviated as the United States or the United States, named by the United States, is a North American country consisting of 50 states. In addition to the 48 neighboring states that occupy the latitudes of Central Africa, the United States includes Alaska in northwestern North America and Hawaii in the Central Pacific. The northern part of the neighboring country is Canada, the Atlantic in the north, the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico in the south and the Pacific in the south. The USA is the fourth major state in the world. The state of Washington is the capital of the United States and extends together with the District of Columbia, founded in 1790 federal capital. The main features of the United States can be diverse. The physical environment ranges from the Arctic to Subtropics, from wet rain-forests to dry deserts, from the peaks of the mountain to the flat prairie. Although the total population of the United States is large by global standards, its total population density is relatively low. The country has some of the largest urban settlements in the world and the largest areas with few inhabitants.

The United States seems to have a challenge to call people from local country, but it is really easy. You only need to know the USA country code to dial before typing in number. You can call or chat whenever you want because of the time zones. You need a good phone card or other plan, so you do not get away from a long distance fee. You also need appropriate dialing information. It includes the international preview, the country’s code of the country, the city’s code that you dial and the actual telephone number included. Once you know this information and have determined that you are calling for a reasonable time.

Grocery store. Although the idea of ​​one-stop shopping is becoming more widespread worldwide, it is a staple food in every city in the United States. In Europe you can still pick up in butchers, cheese shops, bakeries, etc., but not in the US. All food purchases and other times take place on the food market. Buy the same day at least once a week or several times.

Public transportation. Many cities have public transport. Buses, subways, trains etc. But not in smaller cities. The size of the country means that resources are scarce. There is a reason why Americans own at least one car because the public transport infrastructure is very limited.

Tipping and wages. In most cases, the tip is freely electable and leaves only a small part. In the US, 15-20% of service fees are expected. The waitress’s hourly salary is usually less than $ 3, yes, this is the minimum wage. Most of their salary comes from tips. Please take this into account when placing your order and indicate a tip at the top of the purchase price. But be careful and check the receipt, add a tip in some places, you can correct up and down.

 In the United States there are (free) children’s playgrounds in large and small cities. There are rides, pavilions and sports facilities. When we moved to Morocco, there was really no playground that was the green space that people really appreciated.

The deal is dominant in the United States. The Premium Outlet Mall is a collection of stores that sell clothes and goods that are not popular in the store or that are not the last season’s goods, and a great place to get many discounts. Often, the store even has a free space to grant larger discounts. Vouchers and discounts on local attractions can be obtained at the local tourist office or in the newspaper. At weekends, especially in the summer, people open lanes or garages to sell old items that are no longer needed.

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 Credit cards and bank cards are preferred as a means of payment in most countries. Even some places do not accept cash payments. You will need a credit card to stay at the hotel and rent a car. However, you should be careful when withdrawing cash with your bank card. In addition to your bank charges or foreign currency charges, many ATMs charge a royalty. Always pay attention to free ATMs at petrol stations. If you decide to drive through the country, you have to drive by. There are long motorway sections where you do not see much. A recreation zone and a air position are two different things. While some service areas have gas stations, not all of them do. These are points to get started, a bathroom, possibly a vending machine and a place to go for a walk.

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