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Top 10 best Android keyboards for all kinds of typists

best android keyboard

Different types of keyboards exist on ios and android play store. But we hardly get a chance to explore different types of keyboards. But as we think about it now, different types of keyboards serve the purpose for each one of us. Some have better emoji features while others have better spelling correction mechanisms. These things do not appear much of an issue unless we are typing enthusiasts.

Here are some of the virtual keyboards for android which caters to the needs of all kinds of typists-

Malayalam Keyboard –

Malayalam keyboard is one of the best and fastest regional typing keyboards designed and introduced by Bharat Keyboard. The Malayalam typing keyboard comes with a lot of new and exciting features like Manglish translations, Malayalam typing, auto-correct feature, animated Malayalam stickers, and gif creators.

The Manglish Keyboard App has a friendly user interface. That makes it simple to use, even for people unaccustomed to a Malayalam keyboard online. The ‘Download Statistics’ is a testimony to the user-friendliness of this app. It proves that users would prefer this keyboard app over other applications because of its intuitive User Interface and ease of usage.

GBoard –

This is a google product. When anybody talks about a keyboard, it’s the first one that comes to mind. It has different themes which makes it a forever favorite of users of all demography. We like to insert emojis when chatting with someone.

Gboard has a search emoji within the keyboard feature which comes in handy to most users. The keyboard is highly customisable and can be adjusted according to need. The swipe gesture is a cool feature that you can learn to use with practice.

It features some nice colours that make it look bright and colorful. It has built-in settings to access the settings bar. There are tons of options within the settings bar – languages, preferences, theme, text correction, glide typing, voice typing, and dictionary and also other search and advanced options.


In one-handed mode, the keyboard shrinks to one side. This feature is very useful when you cannot use both hands for typing.

The dictionary helps to expand the shortcut part into complete words after this setting is enabled.

Microsoft Swift Keyboard –

Clipboard and other options are available directly on the top row. Themes are inbuilt and are managed from within the keyboard. User Interface is better than GBoard. There are tons of theme options available. You can also customize the design. It does not give the option to hide the numbering key which is kind of annoying.

Inbuilt keyboard –

Inbuilt keyboards are those that come along with the phone like Xiaomi, Samsung, Lava, etc. These keyboards are pretty easy to use. The User Interface is simple with basic features.

Samsung Keyboard –

These keyboards are for Samsung phone users. It has an inbuilt screenshot option. Samsung spends a lot of time and money developing it. Hence, it’s one of the best keyboards out there.

Flesky –

Flesky comes with features like emojis, GIFs, more than 50 themes and gestures. You can swipe right to add and swipe left to delete a word. It comes with new voice features. You can give your voice command to a smart assistant. Many keyboard companies store data on their end with the company. But Flesky saves it on the local phone.

Mint –

There are lots of stickers and GIFs that come with this keyboard. It’s a Smart Keyboard that comes with Indian languages like Gujarati and Marathi and many other global languages.

Xploree –

It has a wide variety of stickers and GIFs and also pictures of cricket teams. It provides direct access from keyboard to services like food, entertainment, cabs, etc. it features 49 Indian languages and 150 global languages.


It has a smart feature to auto-correct spellings. It comes very handy to people who commit spelling mistakes often. It also has a unique feature that checks grammatical errors of complete sentences. It is gifted with a wide variety of emojis, stickers and GIFs. Word prediction feature is also available. There are lots of themes that you can use according to the mood. Inbuilt tools can quickly review text. It has one of the best emoji searches across different keyboard apps.

Grammarly –

It’s like a sophisticated grammar checker which can do spelling checks instantly, punctuation correction and vocabulary. It’s great for professional use especially when you’re writing emails or LinkedIn messages. It has a keyboard look and feels feature where you can decide how the keyboard is going to look. You can also add key borders, the number rose and some extra symbols to the keyboard. You can adjust the height of the keyboard according to your need. You can auto-correct misspelled or mistyped words. Auto-capitalization capitalizes the first word of each sentence.

These are the top 10 keyboards for Android devices. To know more, explore the world of regional typing experience by downloading the best keyboard app from the play store now!

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