Top 10 Tourist Destinations to visit in Delhi

Humayuns Tomb

Looking to go to the capital of India and clueless about where to go? A magnificent symbol of Nations rich ancient culture to the modern structures, Delhi is the most visited city in the tourism world of India. Watch out below for the Top tourist destinations in Delhi. Be it a visit to a historical monument, a look out for some fresh air, or to have some lip-smacking food, we’ve got you all covered.

1. Red Fort

Debatably being one of the greatest monuments built in India, the Red Fort was the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for nearly 200 years. One of the reasons for its popularity is the size of its walls which are made of red sandstone. It’s architectural style and design has influenced many buildings which were later on built in neighboring states like Punjab and Rajasthan.

2. Qutub Minar

A historical monument probably an eight-year old as heard of. This one deserves to be visited purely based on its popularity. Symbolizing victory, the Qutub Minar is the tallest brick minaret in the world. Given this fact, there need be no mention of the kind of view one would get from the top of this monument. This view however costs you a climbing of 379 steps. There are also other historical monuments that surround the Qutub Minar.

3. India Gate

A visit to this place should surely bring out the patriot in you. This War Memorial was built to pay homage to the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the British Empire in World War 1 and the third Anglo-Afghan War. The glowing look this monument gives past sunset is simply amazing.

4. Humayun’s Tomb

For a person who loves architecture, this place is an absolute treat. For a person who does not, he might fall in love with architecture in general. Such is the strength of this place. The Humayun’s tomb is the starting point of the Mughal architecture in India and is an amazing mix of Indian, Turkish and Persian architectural influences.

5. Waste to Wonder Park

Some places are a visit purely for their concept. Made from scrap, waste and junk material, this is one of its kind park in the world. It has replicas of the seven wonders of the world, all of which are made from scrap material. A fair deal for someone who hasn’t visited any of the wonders of the world.

6. National Zoological Park

Used to only looking and dealing with humans, we definitely need to see the other side of the world. At the National Zoological park, you will have a look at creatures you might see maybe once in a lifetime. Hippopotamus, Royal Bengal Tiger, Swamp Deer, Indian rhinoceros, Chimpanzees, you’ll find them all.

7. Lotus Temple

Marking one of the highest levels of architecture, this temple is actually constructed in the form of a lotus. The beautiful gardens and the pools at the entrance give this place another vibe, also making it an apt place for devotional meetings.

8. Chandni Chowk

A famous saying relating to this place which translates as, “If you visited Delhi and did not see Chandni Chowk, what did you see?” This place is the ultimate shopping destinations & food lovers. The real flavors of India can be found in its street food and a round through Chandni Chowk would make that belief even stronger.

From Dahi Bhalle to Chaat to Falooda, there’s something for everyone. Speaking of food, a special mention definitely needs to be made for Paranthe Wali Gali, which has almost all varieties of parathas.  Apart from the food, Chandni Chowk is also a paradise for shoppers, with a huge variety of clothes, electronic items, lifestyle goods, etc available at more than reasonable prices.

9. Rashtrapati Bhavan

The official residence of the President of India, it is considered one of the largest residencies of any head of the state in the world.

10. Connaught Place

One cannot leave a city without having an actual vibe of the city. Known as the commercial and financial centre in Delhi, this place is a perfect exhibition of that vibe and is a must visit. Connaught Place is also famous as a shopping hub in the city of Delhi. And this is the must visited place during Delhi tours.

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