Top Reasons To Opt For Professionals To Clean the Blocked Drains

Blocked DrainsBlocked Drains

The clogged drains and the blocked pipes start as a minor issue but soon transform into a significant problem for which you need professional help. As the particles like the coffee ground, hair strands, dust, and other food particles can cause clogging, if not corrected initially, it can escalate in no time. The blocked drains can become the source of various other issues like slow draining of water, corrosion of the pipes, flooding, and finally damaging the sewer system. Before you need to take up the responsibility of repairing the sewer, it is better to call the professionals and clean the drains.

Blocked Drains
Blocked Drains

Why does Clogging happen?

The house drains are simple horizontal pipes set in the basement of your building or the cellar or completely underground. Cast iron or copper are the most common materials that make up the house pipes. These metals can resist much corrosion, and they are ideal for the drains. The drains receive waters from the washing machines, dishwashers, tubs, toilet, kitchen sink and other sources. As various particles are present in the draining water, the formation of clogs is common. But you have to notice the symptoms that indicate blocked drains. Calling the professionals immediately will reduce the extent of problems.

• Removal of Clogs

Knowledge about the clogs and how to remove them is essential to clean up the blockages. And theoretical knowledge cannot be enough, as the person must know the right techniques of executing the job. The professional cleaners can remove the clogs from the blocked drains efficiently as they receive the formal training to complete the task.

  • The workers know how to detect the clog and its nature for effective removal. Using any washing agent is unsafe as the inner surface of the pipes may suffer from corrosion, which will lower the durability of the pipes.

The professionals handle many similar tasks, so, they know how to deal with the different clogging and which method of cleaning will work for the drains.


• Prevention Better than Cure

Don’t wait for a blockage, it is better to opt for regular maintenance for the longevity of the pipes too. If you hire a professional cleaning service for the purpose, then the timely cleaning ensures that there will be fewer chances of blockages. The house drain is important, and the sudden flooding from the kitchen sink one day can be really troublesome.

• Reduction of Odour

Strange smells coming from the washbasin or the kitchen sink and the bathroom indicate that there is something stuck in the pipes that are leading to the growth of the microorganisms. The professionals can apply the procedures like high-pressure water blasting to wash off all the debris and bigger particles that do not move through the pipes easily, causing blocked drains.

  • Microbial growth can cause odours.
  • Sediment accumulating on the inner side of the pipes can also be the source of the foul smell.

• Reliability factor

You can always try the cleaning solutions available in the market for cleaning the drains. These solutions mostly cannot remove the fats, grease, and oils from the pipes. But the professionals can easily take care of the problems, thus fixing the blocked drain quickly. It helps to maintain the integrity and good condition of the entire plumbing system. You can prevent further complications in future too.


Finally, professional drain cleaning services need to be hired regularly to keep the surrounding clean and proper. It is vital to maintain good health and hold the integrity of the plumbing system.

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written by: Lauren Bracy
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