Want to Earn Money through Online Games? Here are Some

Want to Earn Money through Online Games

Advancing times have ushered in stunning changes in all walks of life. We are amid the fourth industrial revolution, and everything has undergone a complete revolution, to showcase the merits of the futuristic technology. The modern era has introduced new avenues for tech-savvy people to explore. We have diverse, hitherto unheard-of career choices, that denizens of the modern world, are utilizing to their maximum advantage.

Want to Earn Money through Online Games

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An enticing and entertaining means of earning today is, playing online games. There are scads of games on the scene for gaming lovers to choose one as per their interest. It has all become possible due to Internet and smartphone proliferation. We are going to talk about some online games that have been garnering enormous popularity among the masses.

Stack Money

This game of building towers presents a ‘do or die’ situation to the players. You either stack up against your cash until it touches the sky or dies in the attempt. It boasts splendid animations and HD backgrounds, that look gorgeous with placating Zen music. It is a skill-based game which requires players to have a sharp acumen to accomplish the goal. Those who want to grab phenomenal rewards should go for it.


World’s number 1 Fantasy Cricket game, it is a game based on skills. It has players in excess of 3.5 million in India and USA. The mission is to make every sport thrilling for every sports fan across the world. Select an upcoming cricket match, form your own team, choose a captain and a vice-captain, and play to earn real cash. You can signup for an account or login from Facebook/Google. Players have to verify their email, mobile number, and PAN card to win cash.


This is another game that allows players to earn money in India without investing anything. It is in the form of an app, that has several different games for the users, such as Furious Road, Air Water, Tappy Shooter, Solitaire, Bubble Shooter, etc. To begin playing, you need to pay an entry fee of 15 coins. You can earn coins by playing coin games, everyday check-in, referring friends, etc. Check-in reward increases daily by 10 coins for seven days, i.e., it rises from 10 coins on the first day to 70 coins on the seventh day, following which the process begins again.


It is a great money-making game for Android. You can play small games to earn a real money that you get as PayTM cash. The speciality here is that the games on offer are simple and easy, such as Sneaky Snack, Groovy Ski, Rafting Adventure, Dodge Bot, Spikes Don’t move, Attention Span, and so on. Prize money is disbursed among the players as per their rank. Play games as many times as you wish using your life, and your highest score will be taken into account.

Indian Rummy Online

It is a traditional Indian game of cards that has donned a modern outlook and is being lapped up by the citizenry that craves some harmless entertainment by exercising their mental faculties. There are credible rummy portals, such as RummyPassion that offer perfectly safe and clean recreation to the users. Elaborate rummy tournaments with lakhs in cash prizes, are a regular feature in the digital rummy domain. Tempting promotions and offers add more charm to it. Players use their skills and win big in the rummy games.

Play Real Money Games & Earn Money Online

Real Money Games have been carving a niche for themselves in the online gaming realm of the country that boasts to be the second one in the world when it comes to the number of Internet and smartphone users. With advanced technology in the backdrop, RMGs have turned into a new-found passion for the tech-savvy Indians. Play Dream11 or Indian Rummy Online, just make sure that you play with your heart and soul to make it Big!

written by: Ananya
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