Ways to make SEO Friendly FAQ Page:

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Most of the websites are adding FAQ pages nowadays to solve the general queries of visitors instantly. Having this page is important for your website as well because people have certain questions in mind when they open your site. These could be related to what you do, how you do it, and why they should choose you.

Now, if your website won’t provide them with all the answers, then they will remain confused, and only a few of them would think to reach out to you for finding answers. So, you should add FAQ page, that too an SEO friendly one, on your website. You can visit if you want to build an SEO friendly website for your business.

Make a List of all the Questions you Get Regularly from Clients:

Your FAQ page should provide valuable information to the clients. For this, you have to enlist the questions asked by your clients regularly. You can modify these individual queries to serve a general purpose and add them into your page.

You should keep updating your FAQ page with the changing needs of clients. For example, adding new services and areas into your business would give birth to new queries. Sorting all these queries is your responsibility. If you have more than 10 FAQs, then divide them category wise to avoid the mess.

Link your Answers to other Pages of your Website:

Writing long form answers in your FAQ section isn’t a good practice. It only increases confusions and makes your FAQ page cluttered. So, what you can do if the query can’t be solved by a few lines? In such situations, you can link your answers to other related parts of your website.

Linking means you have to add a link of that particular page in the answer so that the reader can click on that to get comprehensive information. For example, you can add the link of a blog if that specific blog is dedicated to the concerned topic. By doing this, you can direct your audience to other pages of your website as well.

Add Relevant Images:

Sometimes, you can also take the help of images and other media options to explain a topic in a better way. If your answer contains a stepwise process, then adding images would be best to clarify the doubts.

Using clear and interactive images, graphics and info-graphics will add a visual appeal to your answers. So, instead of writing long chunks of texts, try this approach to shorten and strengthen your answer.

Include a Call-to-Action Button on your FAQ Page: 

Call-to-action is the best way to ask your audience to take some action on the website. They won’t mind taking actions like signing up, giving their email address for a free e-book or anything like this; once their queries are solved.

Try to keep a free service on this CTA to get more responses. Adding a CTA here would show that you care about your audience and you want to remain in touch with them. This could be very helpful in gaining new clients.


written by: Harshita
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