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What are the Various types of Construction?

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The Construction business is pretty wide and there are different types of projects that come across different sort of construction. On the outside, every building may seem like build from the same material but on the inside, there are many differences.  Here, in this post, we have gathered a few types of construction that we see around. Have a look:

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Concrete Frame Construction:

The most common type of construction that we see everywhere is concrete frame construction. Usually, the private houses are built with the concrete skeleton and the bricks are used as the skin to cover the concrete skeleton. Normally bricks are used but now people are also using aluminum and glass as well. Concrete Frame Construction use RCC that is reinforced Concrete Cement in which reinforced items are usually the iron bars that are used to create more strength in the building structure. visit our website

Wood Frame Construction:

In many areas of Europe and America, people have houses that are built from a wooden framework. These homes are usually small and not as big as the mansions or bungalows. All the home structure is done with good quality timber or wood. Most of the work is done only by using wood bars and a nail gun. There is no need for heavy equipment. Such types of houses are easy to build but they are not reliable as the concrete or steel frame construction. Wooden houses are prone to catch fire and don’t do well in any storm or extreme weather.

Steel Frame Construction:

Just like concrete and wood, there are buildings structures that are made up of steel. Steel is a hard, strong, reliable, and durable metal for building houses. Also, steel frame structures are great for those areas that are prone to having earthquakes. The steel used on housing construction is called as mild steel, but it is so strong that you can hang a car with just 1 steel bar. The important advantage of using a steel frame construction is that steel has flexibility and when there is a force applied to it, it won’t break like glass but bend out of its shape which means less damage.

Long Bearing Masonry Construction:

These structures are made of good quality bricks. These types of structures were present between the 1700s to 1900s. these long bearing masonry construction frameworks were used to make long building structure not for residential purposes.

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