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What is arthritis? What are its causes and symptoms?


Arthritis is a condition in which you feel inflammation in the one or both joints. This condition can affect one or multiple joints at the same time. There are various types of arthritis, which are more than 100 types. There are different causes of arthritis. Furthermore, their treatment can also vary according to the type and cause.

Two most common types of arthritis are:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

In most of the cases, the symptoms of arthritis develop over time, however, in some exceptional cases, these symptoms can also develop suddenly. Usually, people of older age, above 40 are more at risk of arthritis. According to a survey, arthritis is more common in women, and if they are overweight the risk may increase.

What are the common symptoms of arthritis?

The symptoms of arthritis may vary according to the type and the severity of the condition. In most of the cases, the people feel intense pain in the joints, stiffness, and swelling. Due to the pain in the joints, the patient also experiences a lack of mobility along with redness of the skin near the joint.

Common symptoms are:

  • Redness
  • Stiffness
  • Pain
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Swelling
  • Limping
  • Joint warmth
  • Tenderness

Causes of arthritis

The two main types of arthritis which can increase the pain and reduce the motion of the joint are:


Osteoarthritis is one of the most common conditions in arthritis. This condition can damage the bones and the joints of the infected area.

Rheumatoid arthritis

The is the second most common condition in arthritis. In this condition, the immune system of the infected body can’t work accurately. Along with that, they also experience pain and stiffness in the joints. The ligaments in the joints become swollen and inflamed.

Risk Factors

Various risk factors can develop or increase arthritis. These factors include:

Age – This is the most common factor. The age factor is one of the main cause of arthritis. When you get older, your bones and joints become weaker.

Sex – arthritis also depends on sex. As you know, women are more at risk of arthritis. Rheumatoid is the type of arthritis is more common in women.

Previous injury – If you have previous injuries, the chances are high that a little impact can break your bone again from the same joint. Your joints become weaker, and it can increase the risk.

Obesity – Obesity is another joint condition. As you know, when you are overweight, you will put more pressure and weight on your joints. If these joints are weak due to another disease, it may cause pain.

Diagnosis of arthritis

If you feel pain in joints that don’t go away, you can consult with a doctor. The doctor may recommend some laboratory tests. He will also ask you some questions about the intensity of the pain.

Laboratory tests

The different analysis will occur to see the blood cells. Along with that, the doctor can also recommend some bone imaging tests.


These are the test occur in the laboratory to detect the problems in the joints and bone.

X-rays- in this test, a low level of rays will be used to visualize the bone and joints. X-ray can’t reveal the early arthritis damage. However, it can help to find damage to the bones.

Computerized tomography scan

CT scan is simple words is x-rays from the different angles, and after this, they combine all these images to create the proper information about the damage.

Magnetic resonance Imaging

Damages that can’t cover in the CT the scan will be included in MRI scans. In this, you will also get the cross-sectional images of the soft tissues more clearly.


In treatments of arthritis, you can use medication, therapy, and surgery. However, in most of the cases, therapy and medication are usually recommended.

In treatment, first, you will need to minimize the pain. For this, you can use medications. You can also buy pain tablets online to decrease the pain.
Therapy is also essential at the same time. The doctor may recommend you various therapy techniques increase the movement.

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