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What is sleep hygiene and why is it important?


Do you know why it is so important to sleep well?

Lack of sleep affects health, concentration, causes anxiety, and even makes you fat. We will tell you why it is so important to sleep well and what you can do to rest like a baby.

They are not tales of grandmothers, or paranoiac of your mother, sleeping well is essential to achieve a healthy body. We will explain why, and rest assured that we are going to give you the best tips to have sweet dreams.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and no, it is not wasted time, it is time that we gain in health because our body regenerates and disconnects during sleep hours.

When sleeping, the production of hormones is balanced, we consolidate memory or daily learning, the heart is protected, diseases are avoided, and depression or low mood is reduced.

Many times we sacrifice hours of sleep due to work, leisure or, involuntarily, for insomnia. But what happens if you don’t rest well? To get there, you first have to know how we sleep and what phases are involved in the process.

What happens when we sleep?

During sleep, the body enters a regenerative cycle and goes through different states of consciousness. There are two distinct phases in sleep: the ‘ REM phase ‘ (Rapid Eye Movement) and the ‘ non-REM phase ‘ that alternate during rest.

The dream begins with that phase of sleepiness or numbness that we all know in which you are about to fall asleep but are still susceptible to environmental stimuli. A state of numbness that lasts about 10 minutes: after falling asleep, there will first be a stage of light sleep and a period of deep sleep in which muscle activity decreases, heart rate and respiration slow down.

The REM phase comes about 90 minutes later. Its name comes from the characteristic movement of the eyeballs under the eyelids. In this phase, although the muscles remain relaxed, brain activity and heart rate increase. It is the stage in which we dream.

What happens if you don’t rest well?

A good rest is to sleep an average of 7 to 9 hours a day, although the needs may vary in each person. Sleeping fewer hours than you need would affect your performance the next day, increase your levels of cortical (the stress hormone), can make you gain weight, and even influence post-workout recovery. It also increases your risk of heart disease or diabetes.

Not sleeping well leads to energy loss and a stumbling block after training since the muscle recovery phase is essential for muscle development. It also influences weight gain since not getting enough rest increases gherkin levels (the hormone that gives you the feeling of hunger). Yet, a good restful sleep increases levels of lepton (the satiety hormone). Super P Force and Tadarise 20 contain ingredients effective not only for premature ejaculation treatment but also for ED treatment.

Tips to get a good night’s sleep

1) Make a schedule

It is essential to create a sleep habit so that your body and mind can adapt perfectly to the rest cycles. This will make it easier for you to fall asleep, and it will also be easier for you to wake up thanks to maintaining a healthy biological rhythm.

Chaotic and changing schedules will only make it difficult for you to fall asleep, wake up at night, and wake up with a slab on each eyelid.

2) Keep your space in order

A comfortable and ventilated resting place invites you to relax. Keep your room in order so that your mind is calm. A clean, welcoming and comfortable environment is much more likely to get you a good night’s sleep than a dirty and cluttered place.

Join the Kenmare method if you are one of those who have problems with the disorder, everything is to get a good night’s sleep. Add darkness and subtract noise, and you have the ideal formula to sleep like a dormouse.

3) Exercise yes, but not too late

Exercising at the end of the day causes a state of excitement that will prevent you from falling asleep since the body generates endorphins, and the nervous system is activated. Opt to exercise in the morning or mid-afternoon so that practice helps you fall asleep and doesn’t affect your rest.

4) Light dinner

Large dinners are the culprits of burning and heavy digestion that will prevent you from sleeping well. The idea is to have a light dinner two hours before going to bed; for example, protein and vegetables are an excellent combo for dinner. Avoid alcohol and stimulants like caffeine and thane. We recommend taking a relaxing infusion such as valerian, lemon verbena, or chamomile instead.

5) Turn off electronic devices

Okay, this is the most challenging thing. You don’t want to miss any updates from your favorite social networks or leave that WhatsApp conversation halfway, but now you will see how they can affect you, and it will surely help you turn off your electronic devices before going to bed.

The artificial light of mobile, tablet, or computer negatively impacts the circadian rhythm causing changes in your biological clock. What does this mean? Well, your brain will interpret that it is daylight, and this will alter the sleep cycle, hormonal release, and regulation and reduce the secretion of melanin Super Vidalista is a drug that helps eliminate premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction (the sleep hormone. Do you need more reasons to turn off your mobile? When do you go to bed?

6) A hot bath? Yes, please

Soaking in hot water will help you disconnect from the day’s problems and relax your muscles, and a hot bath before going to bed has the same effect as meditating. You will be able to calm your mind, reduce stress and anxiety. If you want the experience to be even more relaxing, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the bathwater.

Sleep is an active state, a necessary process to maintain a healthy body. Now you know what to do to get a good night’s rest. From today on, sleeping will no longer be an unattainable dream. Have a lovely rest!


Antonio Hurt
written by: Antonio Hurt
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