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What to expect during your first visit to Sexual Health Clinic

Are you worried about sexual health? Then, performing the STI tests and obtaining proper treatment is the best solution. But visiting the sexual health clinic is more daunting to some people. As per the General Practitioner of Medical Express Clinic, here is the list of expectations during the first time visit at a GUM clinic. Read on to know them.

What is actually a sexual health clinic?

Also known as Gento-Urinary Medicine (GUM) clinic, sexual health clinic is operated widely by NHS. Mainly, it is popular for catering free advice to sexual-health centric issues and appropriate treatment to stay prevented. Despite of the sexual orientation and age, you are allowed to visit any clinic to get tested.

When shall a person visit a sexual health clinic?

One must visit a GUM clinic in case of engaging in unsafe sex with the new partner. In such case, you will experience certain changes in the genital area. Even there is a chance of getting pregnant as well.

But, sexual health clinic is also helpful for pregnancy testing, and efficient contraceptive advice. Several queries regarding sexual health can be asked here too without any hesitation to receive the best possible answer.

Why is it important to visit a sexual health clinic?

Instead of visiting a GP, it is always better to visit a sexual health clinic in case of any concern regarding having an STI infection. The GUM clinics are reliable enough for dealing with the STI infection as they have renowned sexual health specialists.

Moreover, it offers a myriad of services to the patients at the same time. Due to same-day appointments, sometimes the sexual health clinic gets overcrowded too. Even the GPs are unable to offer effective ways to resist the infection of genital warts as well.

Is it vital to fix an appointment?

Most of the sexual health clinics offer both booking and walk-in facility. So, all you have to do is to check its opening hours. You can seek accompany of a friend or get delved into the waiting room entertainment. This will not make you bore during the log waiting hours at the clinic.

Your visit to a sexual health clinic

On visiting the sexual health clinic, your sexual health status will be checked extensively and then wait to consult with the doctor. At that time, you may be asked some relevant questions. Sexual health history is the prime thing you will be asked often. Even you may ask to describe the symptoms you are experiencing:

The questions you will be inquired include:

  • Last time you have had sexual intercourse
  • If you have engaged in unprotected sex
  • The symptoms you are experiencing
  • If you are concerned regarding any Sexual Transmitted Infection
  • In case of a woman, the time you experience last period and whether thinking about getting pregnant

The examinations you should undergo on visiting a sexual health clinic

If there is a concern of getting infected with STI, you can undergo STI screening. Your doctor will explain what is going to occur during the test but for any query, you should raise it without any hesitation. According to leading doctors, a person can experience lots of health problems.

It shouldn’t be judgemental at all. STIs can transfer from person-to-person in case of unprotected sex. Moreover, Herpes and genital warts can stay dormant for several years in the body without letting your know about the infection.

How a patient will be tested?

On visiting the sexual health clinic, you will be suggested to perform STI test. It is most likely to be done in any one of the following:

  • Blood sample
  • Urine sample
  • Genital examination
  • Swab sample from urethra (during urination)
  • Swab sample from vagina in case of women (it can be done on your own)

For which STIs a person should be compulsorily tested?

Standard screening of sexual health always comprises of the testing for HIV, Syphilis, Genital Warts, Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia.

  • Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia testing only needs swab sample for women and urine sample
  • Syphilis and HIV test needs blood sample
  • Genital Warts is tested by an examination
  • Herpes test isn’t performed unless visible sores are observed in the anus or genitals. Swab sample is also taken sometimes

In what ways the result of STI test will be obtained?

On getting tested for any STI, if the reports aren’t delivered at the time of your visit, you have to wait for 1-2 week. It can be sent over the call or via unmarked letters or even with text.

There is no necessity of giving your actual name for the test to keep it confidential. Also, the GP will never disclose regarding your visit to the clinic to anyone without seeking permission from you.

Where a sexual health clinic can be found easily?

To obtain the information where you can get tested for STIs, try any one of the mentioned ways:

  • Look for a nearby sexual health clinic
  • Take help from your GP
  • Find out a reliable as well as local contraceptive service
  • Contact the National Sexual Health Line
  • A few pharmacies also offer the test for Chlamydia

From the above discussion, it is clear that GUM clinics are reliable for the improvement of sexual health. You are advised to schedule an appointment at a sexual health clinic in London to raise your query and get tested to stay prevented in the long haul.

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