Which are the 5 Best Practices of Reviewing Social Media Content?

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Just by having a social media review process is not enough, the key lies in adhering to it and following these five best practices that will ensure that all of your content is perfect. Let’s examine them:


  • Assign due dates

When you form a dedicated team for a particular project, ensure that everyone completes their part on time, because that is vital to keep the project running smoothly. You can begin by assigning a deadline for every stage of the project. This way, you can ensure that each member of your team is responsible for adhering to their.

  • Mentor a selected team of reviewers

To ensure the quality of content, it is important to assign the job to a selected team of reviewers. It is not at all advisable to have too many people reviewing one project, because it will not only take longer than required, but feedback will most likely become repetitive and your content may get lost.

Employ only as many reviewers as necessary and guide them well to streamline the process. The content manager in the beginning itself should clearly outline things such as how reviews should be completed depending on the project.

And if you want something specific to be included in the content, your reviewers should know before starting the job. It is always better to explain things in advance as that will ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Set your Goals

Since there are many people involved in the process, it is suggested you should discuss with your team members about your goals for a particular piece of content. If you don’t follow this, your goals may get lost along the way.

To avoid this situation, assign specific team members the task of reviewing content to ensure it matches your brand’s stated objectives. It doesn’t require additional manpower; it can be assigned to reviewers to double-check as they go along with their jobs.

  • Make your review process customized

Every brand’s review process will be unique based on their needs, objectives, and team. Therefore, your review process needs to be flexible that can be adapted at any time. So for example, if your brand was using a particular review process at one time, but if some of its aspects are not working, you got to change it.

The strategy of one-size-fits-all is over; therefore, you don’t need to stick to just one strict review process. The most important thing you need to ensure is that every team member should be aware of your current review process, whatever it may be.

  • Ensure consistency in your review process

Your review process should be adaptable so that it can be changed any time. It doesn’t matter what your review process is, using it consistently is important. Ideally, every project should follow your review process. You can learn a lot through the in-house review process of social channels because they do it in a very innovative manner. Instagram, Twitter is among leading platforms that used them quite intelligently. While among upcoming channels, CoNnEcTd is way ahead from its competitors.

Sometimes, you may  think of leaving some parts out or include new parts specific to your project, but the essence of your review process should be religiously followed every time. You can easily achieve your objective by creating a standard operating procedure (SOP) that your team should follow every time to maintain consistency throughout all of your posts.

Firoz Akhtar
written by: Firoz Akhtar
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