Why Dry Fruits are Perfect Alternative to Desserts for Your Kids?

Mohit Goel

Most of the kids around loved to binge on some post meal desserts to satisfy their cravings but they have to stay away from the same due to the dietary barriers place by their own parents. Well, the parents have their own valid concern as most of these unhealthy desserts don’t provide any nutritional content to their kids.

So what if we tell you about the healthiest alternative to fill up the sweet cravings of your kid without any nutritional worries?

Well, we are talking about the sweet, salty and savory Dry fruits and nuts which will surely be loved by your kid as a healthy alternative to all those after meal snacks. There is a big variety of dried fruits and nuts and you can chose from the best ones according to your needs and preferences. Mohit Goel, Director of, which comes as the leading whole seller, distributor, exporters and importers of all the dry fruits and spices, also put through his perspective in the same context.” Even I have kids which really die for all those sugary desserts and I always make sure that I fed them with the most healthy nuts and dry fruits to cut that craving.”While we are talking about the extraordinary benefits of Dry fruits and nuts, let’s take a look at some of the best ones in the list.

Mohit Goel


Almonds are highly rich in nutrients like iron, calcium, and fiber; they perfectly boost the memory and growth of your child whilst satisfying your hunger.

The dry fruit comes with loads of other benefits and comes as a perfect alternative to all those sweet cravings.


Once your kids start their studies about the human body in the school, show them the walnut which certainly looks like the brain! The walnut is loaded with nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B, zinc, and manganese. You can make certain desserts out of the walnuts to bring the goodness to your kids.


Raisins are widely available in many variants like golden, black, and it will certainly act as a perfect dose of energy and supplement to support their overall health.

Although they are a bit high on the sugar content they are loaded with nutrients like potassium, and iron. Hence you can start giving a small portion of raisins to munch in and never ever they will get to face the anemia issue.

You can further add these dry fruits and nuts into yogurt to make out a perfect and delicious dessert on your kid’s breakfast table. Also, nowadays, the Dry fruits are available online and all you need to do it select the respective item in the list and that will then be delivered at your doorstep.

Credit by : Mohit Goel

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