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Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing Music Playlist Vs. SHAREit – Transfer and Share 

File Sharing in smartphones nowadays is a significant factor. We use many methods of Data Transfer. One of the most used and oldest ways is transfer via Bluetooth. Sometimes we use data cables to transfer data. They all were slow or may not easily accessible methods of data transfer over a wide range. Now data transfer can be done in just one tab via Apps. That uses a Wi-Fi hotspot to transfer data in two or more devices with speed over 10 MBs per Second. In the second article about comparing Apps, we are going to compare Zapya Vs SHAREit, both apps are famous, and we are going to Share Statistical Data, Information, and Most Recent Reactions by People. They may the information may vary due to fluctuations in Data over Time, the Data is valid in Published date.

Basics Information Of Apps

Zapya is an excellent app with natural interference and exciting features. Zapya’s first version is released in November 2014 by Dew Mobile Inc. The app is a File sharing platform that functions by creating a Wi-FiWi-Fi hotspot. The app is top-rated in countries where there problem of low internet connection because it allows us to share data without the Internet. Zapya enables its users to all sorts of files, for instance, APK, MP4, MP3, DOCs, and Much more.

On the other hand, SHAREit is also the best app for sharing files between devices. It was founded in April 2015 by SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd for sharing data such as Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, and many more. Available in more than 45 languages, which is quite impressive. It is base on the Wi-FiWi-Fi Direct method of data sharing.

Popularity In Android Users

It this talk, we are focusing on the popularity of Apps in Android Devices only. So both Apps are famous that everyone knows. But there is some statistical data that defines which one is most popular. Zapya has 800K Downloads in April 2020, total downloads of 50 Million, and has an average rating of 4.1 + in Playstore. While SHAREit has 19 Million Downloads in April 2020, Total Downloads of 1 Billion, and has an average rating of 4.27 in the Play Store. It is the end of the popularity in Zapya Vs SHAREit. Although Pokemon Game is also has very Famous, and nowadays PG Sharp is famous, so you can Download PG Sharp APK  by clicking here.

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List Of Apps in Play Store

Both Apps portfolio contains more than one type of app in the Play Store. The SHAREit Technologies Developer Contains three Apps in Playstore. They are listed below.

  • SHAREit Lite (Official Version) – 1 Billion + Downloads – 34 MB Size – 4.3 Rating
  • SHAREit – Transfer and Share – 500K + Downloads – 12 MB Size – 3.7 Rating
  • WATCHit: SHAREit Video App for HD Videos, Download – 50K Downloads – 13 MB Size – 3.8 Rating

There are 11 Apps released by Dewmobile, Inc. in Play Store. Some are mention below.

  • Zapya Go – From File Transfer to Private Social – 1 Million Downloads – 12 MB Size – 4.5 Rating
  • RecorderZ – Screen Recorder by Zapya – 50K Downloads – 6 MB Size – 4.1 Rating
  • Zapya WebShare – File Sharing in Web Browser – 5 Million Downloads – 7.3 MB Size – 4.2 Rating
  • Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing Music Playlist – 50 Million + Downloads – 12 MB Size – 4.6 Rating

Supporting Devices

There are different Devices in the Market Like iPhone, Android, Windows ETC, and different versions. The main Apps are available on various devices. Zapya is available in macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. SHAREit also supports all of the above devices, respectively.

How To Download and Install?

The download and installation process of both SHAREit APK and Zapya APK is more straightforward. You can Directly Download them from Play Store, or if you want to download directly into your storage from third-party apps, you can choose this method either. The Play Store Links are Given here


The above statistics are real facts, and on the bases of the high stats, I think that SHAREit is best than Zapya in Zapya Vs SHAREit battle. But comment down what Do you believe? You can also vote on the Poll that I have created below. But there may be variation in the above data due to time, so I can not guarantee 100 percent of information is accurate. There may be a variation if you want to know. You can search personally, but the information above is best to my knowledge.

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