Facebook confesses listening to the private conversations of its users


Like Amazon, Google and Apple, Facebook has just admitted to having transmitted private conversations to subcontractors.

After Alexa of Amazon, Google Assistant and even Apple’s Siri, all the giants of Silicon Valley fall one after the other and confessed that employees very human listened to our conversations. It was not counting on Facebook, who has just confessed to having also listened to the conversations of some of its users.

This is in any case what Bloomberg reveals, which indicates that the company did indeed pay subcontractors to transcribe sound extracts from conversations, to improve its advertising targeting. In a statement sent to Bloomberg, the firm founded by Mark Zuckerberg admits to having done so, but explains, however, have obtained the consent of the users concerned by these plays on the Messenger application.

In its release, Facebook explains that it stopped listening to the conversations of its users, not without remembering that it is not the only one to make use of this practice. “Just like Apple or Google, we froze the practice of making human recordings heard last week, but the questions is vr bad for your eyes. “Finally, Bloomberg says that the social network did not explain its subcontractors responsible for the transcription of conversations where they came from and especially what use would make Facebook, which puts, even more, the firm in embarrassment.

While Facebook has just paid a $5 billion fine to the US federal authorities for misusing the personal data of its users, the case does not fall at the best time, especially since Mark Zuckerberg’s firm for a long time denied having listened to the private conversations of its users. The founder of the social network even explained during his hearing before the Congress last year, which followed the Cambridge Analytica scandal, that the social network has never listened to “what’s going on in your microphone”.

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