Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

YoursPost respects the fact that you, our website visitors and customers, choose to share your personal information with us. In an age where individuals are so concerned about sharing their personal details, we at YoursPost want to tell you that we take the highest security measures to ensure that your details stay safe.

This privacy policy elaborates on a few terms that you as a user of our services need to give your consent to. Our Privacy Policy Statement may face changes from time to time depending on the changes within our organization.

Information Recorded, Stored and Used

As per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are totally committed and dedicated to keeping your personal data safe and secure. To comply with GDPR rules, we take certain steps such as:

  • We take your personal information only when you give you consent to it.
  • We take care to regularly update our legal agreements to ensure that they comply with the GDPR.
  • We also routinely update processes and systems for keeping them GDPR compliant.

YoursPost also can send you e-mails regarding updates and latest stories. However, this is again based on your consent. You can also disable such e-mails from us by opting out of e-mail updates on a link provided at the end of every e-mail.

In case YoursPost experiences a transfer of ownership, your personal data and preferences would be transferred as well.

We promise not to use your sensitive private information in any way against you. Our sole purpose of collecting data from users is to maintain correspondence with them based on their engagement with our website. In any case of necessary investigation regarding illicit activities, we may share your information with the appropriate investigating authorities.

Sharing Your Information on Campaigns

YoursStory may launch campaigns by using microsites on microsite sponsors. When you register with us and create a YoursPost account through a microsite, the microsite sponsor will also have access to your personal information.

We will also have access to third party information that may be stored on your phone based on consent. Such information includes phone numbers, physical addresses and e-mail addresses. We keep such information completely secure with us and do not use such information in any way that can harm your associates and contacts.

If users share any personal information while writing testimonials for our website, YoursPost will not be responsible for it.

Tracking Your Usage Statistics

The statistics regarding your engagement with our website will be recorded by us solely for the purpose of improving our website experience. Such information gives us insight into how users interact with the website, which can help us to develop the website further for a smoother and more seamless user experience.

User Account Data Storage

To ensure data loss prevention owing to system failures or technical glitches, we keep multiple backup copies of all the details. Therefore, even if you decide to terminate your user account, your shared personal data may remain with us. Again, we keep this information absolutely private and this is just to ensure that we don’t have any problem in maintaining correspondence with our customers if there are instances of technical failures.

Payment Information

For services that require payments, we would request users to choose their preferred payment method. Users may have to share their debit/credit card details for us, in which case we would store the card holder’s name and address along with the CVV and last four digits of the credit card number. To make future payments easy for you, we would store your credit card details on secure servers in an encrypted manner.

Children’s Personal Details

At, we have a strict policy regarding the access of personal details of children. Our website is designed to not collect information from children below 13 years of age. However, users can get in touch with us if they believe that an under 13 child has shared his/her personal details with us.

Tracking Technologies

We use cookies and other local storage objects (LSOs) for user-experience enhancement. Temporary cookies will be automatically removed from users’ computers once they close their browsers. Permanent cookies will be used to analyse trends and user movements within our website.