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Write For Us – Guidelines that You Should Keep in Mind

Hello there! We are very pleased that you have shown great interest in writing for us. By publishing your top-notch articles and blogs on YoursPost, you can enhance your reputation as a writer and also be rewarded in the process through greater visibility across the internet.

However, we expect articles and blogs to follow a certain standard to ensure the greatest possible readability. That’s why we have compiled a list of guidelines that writers should follow as they compose their articles and blogs. If you keep these guidelines in mind as you write, you stand a much greater chance of seeing your article or blog post published online.

So, without further ado, let’s get going with all the guidelines!

Guideline #1: Informative Write-Ups

If your write-up has valuable information, we will give it greater precedence than the write-ups that don’t. Remember, no matter what subject or topic you choose to write on, it should answer questions that readers may potentially have.

It’s actually quite easy to write something informative, even if you are struggling to tackle a writer’s block. Simply research on the subject that you are writing on, and try to find out what readers want to know most about that subject by researching on Google. After you learn about the dilemmas and queries that readers have regarding your subject, you could frame a write-up around those queries, which is bound to make it informative.

Guideline #2: Unique Write-Ups

Simply making your article informative is not good enough these days. You must work on your writing style to come up with a write-up that is informative and unique at the same time. As there are so many blog publishing websites these days, your article or blog may get lost in the crowd if it doesn’t stand out.

A simple way to add uniqueness to whatever you write on is to search for similar articles or blogs on Google. Once you find relevant links, check for writing styles used in those blogs. The best thing is that as a writer, you can take inspiration from several writing styles and combine them to form your own unique style.

Guideline #3: Plagiarism – Free Content

We at YoursPost are very strict regarding plagiarism. If even a single section of your write-up is plagiarized, we will be forced to scrap it altogether. While it’s great to search around for existing writing styles to see how you can compose your blog, it’s not a great practice to copy and paste exact phrases. Remember, we promote taking inspiration from others, not their content.

There are numerous free tools on the internet that you can use to check how well your articles or blogs fare in terms of their originality. If you want the most thorough plagiarism checker, get Copyscape Premium. While it’s a paid service, it’s worth it in the long run if you have plans of posting articles and blogs on a regular basis.

Guideline #4: Add Your Image on Your Profile and an Author Bio at the End of Every Write-Up

You really want the internet to know about your skills as a writer, right? That’s what we at YoursPost want as well, which is why we have made it compulsory for writers to have images of themselves on their profiles. Choose an image where your face is clearly visible and where you are smiling.

Also, add an author bio at the end of every article and blog that you wish to submit. An author’s bio helps readers to find out more about you as a person and about your passion for writing.

Guideline #5: We Charge $5 for Publishing Each Post and Provide 2 Dofollow Links in Return

Remember, we are a platform that offers the service of publishing quality blogs and articles. So it’s only natural that we will charge for that service. For every post that you want us at YoursPost to publish, you have to pay a fee of $5.

Not only do we publish your post after the payment; we also provide 2 dofollow links in return. Dofollow links are great catalysts for search engine optimization and are sure to generate greater readership for your post.

Start your writing career with Yourspost.com today! With quality plagiarism-free content, there’s no telling how far you can go with your writing skills!