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4 Best Asian Romantic Films that Will Make You Cry and Love Even More


Yes, Hollywood cinema is the ruling cinema in the world. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no quality cinema for the rest of the world. In fact, Asian cinema is one of the most compelling, attention-grabbing cinemas that is capturing the hearts of people all over the world, more and more every day. To convince you in this, we’ve compiled a list of the most romantic Asian films that will create a storm of emotions in you making you cry, laugh and love the characters as they were real people.

A Werewolf Boy

Director: Jo Sung-hee

Year: 2012

This South-Korean romance is actually a fantasy where a beautiful teenager named Sun-yi goes to a country house to bring back her health. There she meets a feral boy Chul-soo who is not really civilised. Nonetheless, she wants to befriend him but soon she discovers that there is a beast inside him that is waiting to burst out any moment. It has a really touching story ending – one of those that will certainly make you cry and it will make you question the concept of happy endings in life. The film was hugely awarded and it became the most successful Korean melodrama of all time.

The Beauty Inside

Director: Baik

Year: 2015

This is also a South-Korean film which falls into the category of romantic comedies. It is about a man who wakes up every day in a different body of a man, woman, old, child and sometimes a foreigner. He has a girlfriend who loves him for the beauty inside but the challenge is for the man to figure out how to reunite with his girl every time he changes. The story is unusual and very captivating. It has a refreshingly steady pace and is well-composed to the details. There are a lot of characters (because, remember, the main character of the story transforms every single day) so you might need to be concentrated to keep track, but overall it is an interesting funny story that celebrates the beauty of the love for the personality and not the appearance.


Director: Song Il-gon

Year: 2011

Another South Korean film, this time directed by Song Il-gon. It is a romance between an ex-boxer who has isolated himself from the world and a telemarketer who is slowly going blind. Both of them meet at his new part-time job as a parking lot attendant where she walks into the tollbooth, sits next to him and starts talking to him thinking he is the previous employee of this place. He realises that she is blind and what happens next, changes their lives forever. This film was later remade in Turkey, In Canada and Hindi.

Architecture 101

Director: Lee Yong-ju

Year (2012)

This film is a South Korean romance which tells the story of two students who meet in a beginning architecture class and fall in love. However, the different paths separate them and 15 years later the girl tracks down her first love to help her build her dream house. Will the sparks ignite once again, even though both of them have different lives now? It is certainly a story that delivers on an emotional level. It is very subtle and emotions are very pure. The picturesque screenplay and setting will surely steal your heart.

Have you seen any of these films? If not, make time to see them, especially if you are intrigued by the Asian cinematography. Plus, the pristine emotions will show you how and where to meet Asian girls, fall in love with the one and create your own successful love romance story.


written by: michael15
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