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Plan Your Goals and Chase Your Dreams Like Johnny Cohen in Phuket

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure

– Colin Powell

Yes, this quote is accurate for all. There are no secrets or paths that can help you to reach success easily. It is the combined result of hard work, dedication, failure; preparation and learning that will help you to achieve your goals that you are chasing. People who search for short cuts to success cannot be able to achieve it as there are no short ways to reach your target. You have to pursue your goals and follow your dreams constantly. You might face lots of struggle in the journey; you must face them courageously.

Inspiration plays an important role for those who are feeling frightened to move forward in following their dream path. They are losing courage and support. For them, the inspirational story of a simple boy who’s the dedication and hard work has helped him to reach the heights that others never dreamt of having. This story is of none other than Johnny Cohen of Phuket, who is an established entrepreneur, mentor, philanthropist and a generous man as well.

The Background Story

Johnny Edward Cohen was born in Sydney, Australia, and his family was very supportive and helpful. From his childhood, they teach him the foundations of hard work, dedication, and discipline. He took part in various social activities when he was small, and he shared his thoughts on entrepreneurship with his fellow peers. As soon as Johnny Cohen of Australia completed his tertiary education, he embarked himself to become a self-supported businessman. He started his own property maintenance business in Australia that served various properties around the nation.

His Journey to Phuket

As time passed, his wish to conquer new challenges reached peaks, and he started to follow his passion for traveling. The first destination that he chose was Phuket. The local community easily accepted him. Due to his wider network channels in Phuket, people loved him very much. He along with his wife’s support started their international business in Phuket. Fast-forwarding 10 years, now this business has become one of the most popular businesses in Phuket, and it has now become an international story. The success behind this international brand is also for Johnny Cohen’s partners who are always there behind him.

Johnny Cohen of Phuket is not only an established entrepreneur; he is a mentor and philanthropist as well. He supports his fellow friends, partners, and relatives when they need his help. Johnny Cohen of Thailand also sends gifts to local schools and provides relief at the time of natural calamities.

Thus, the journey of Johnny Cohen of Australia is really interesting, and it helps people to know how they can achieve success through hard work and discipline.

Johnny Cohen
written by: Johnny Cohen
Entrepreneur, property developer, philanthropist, leader, and was founder of one of the world’s largest tattoo brand, Johnny Cohen, an Australian in Phuket Thailand, has received immense respect and love for being a good person.
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